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The jackal picture

This 56" Hybrid Longbow is just like its namesake... small but deadly! At 40# @ 28 Inches its packs a punch. 
The beautiful Walnut and Ironwood R…

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The wolf picture

This Scythian style recurve derives its name from the apex predator on the Siberian Tundra. ItsBamboo and Bo-tuff fibreglass Limbs with Panga Panga R…

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The cheetah picture

Just like the predator this bow was named for, this bow was built for the hunt. At 60#@28" this bow pushes a 485gr arrow at 175fps. The dark Panga pa…

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The leopard picture

Like the predator it is named after this 64" Take-down Longbow is the ultimate hunter at 65# @ 28"
The exotic Panga Panga(Partridge Wood) and Ash Rise…

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The rooikat (caracal) picture

Stealthy and fast like the African "Rooikat" (Red cat) it is named for this  60" Take-down recurve bow is a pleasure to shoot at 45#@28"
The Beau…

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The jaguar picture

The Jaguar is considered one of the strongest of the Cat species and like its namesake this 70#@28" monster is not for the faint-hearted. The I - bea…

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The wolverine picture

Beautiful and tough, like the Wolverine this Ironwood and Panga Panga creation is ideal for the hunt. 60#@28"

Fast and furious, it still sport the typical EBC smooth draw... 

Soft leather arm guard-large picture

Large arm guard, made from soft leather, custom fit to your Forearm size

Soft leather glove picture

Archers glove, made from soft leather, custom fit to your hand size

Soft leather arm guard- small picture

Smaller Arm guard, custom made to fit your forearm size

Custom built replacement limbs picture

Feel like an upgrade, or are one of your limbs broken? We build new custom limbs in the poundage you require, for your current bow.

Limb bolt 3 arrow quiver picture

Leather and Neoprene three arrow quiver for take-down Longbows and Recurve bows

Ironwood (ysterhout) picture

This beautiful timber with its marble like finish, gives amazing stability with its weight and strength. Ideal for risers of both hunting and target bows.

Panga panga (patryshout) picture

This beautiful African hardwood has beautiful patterns reminding one of Partridge (Patrys) feathers. Small yellow spots are typical of this timber ca…

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Rosewood picture

The beautiful brown to pink hues of this timber makes for unique bowparts. Durable and strong it ads beauty and strength to any bow.

American ash picture

Ash has been used in the making of bows for almost as long as bows have been made. Its high tensile strength and beautiful grain makes this timber a favorite.

Curly maple picture

The beautiful wavy texture of this timber, gives your bow a unique look, suitable for risers and limb laminates.

Birdseye maple picture

This timber with its telltale eyes is one of my personal favorites, giving an almost burly feel. Beautiful as limb laminates...

Maple picture

Beautiful in its own right, Maple has also been long used in the making of bows. Its colouring and texture makes beautiful additions to any riser.

Target butt picture

Neoprene and timber target butt.

1500mm x 800mm

Carbon core generals picture

Hi quality Carbon Arrows .245 inner diameter available in various spines, Bare shaft includes Aluminium insert and nock. (Feathers /vanes not included)

Right wing feathers 4" picture

4 Inch Turkey feathers available in various colours

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