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I-beam Design Take-down recurve bows

The cheetah cub picture

This smaller version of the Cheetah is ideal for ladies, children or those of smaller stature. 
Customised with your choice of timbers and pounda…

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The grizzly picture

This beautiful design with its comfortable pistol grip and your choice of longbow or recurve limbs is and exciting bow to shoot.

Customise it with you…

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The cheetah picture

Just like the predator this bow was named for, this bow was built for the hunt. At 60#@28" this bow pushes a 485gr arrow at 175fps. The dark Panga pa…

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The jaguar picture

The Jaguar is considered one of the strongest of the Cat species and like its namesake this 70#@28" monster is not for the faint-hearted. The I - bea…

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