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Available timbers

Maple picture

Beautiful in its own right, Maple has also been long used in the making of bows. Its colouring and texture makes beautiful additions to any riser.

Birdseye maple picture

This timber with its telltale eyes is one of my personal favorites, giving an almost burly feel. Beautiful as limb laminates...

Curly maple picture

The beautiful wavy texture of this timber, gives your bow a unique look, suitable for risers and limb laminates.

American ash picture

Ash has been used in the making of bows for almost as long as bows have been made. Its high tensile strength and beautiful grain makes this timber a favorite.

Rosewood picture

The beautiful brown to pink hues of this timber makes for unique bowparts. Durable and strong it ads beauty and strength to any bow.

Panga panga (patryshout) picture

This beautiful African hardwood has beautiful patterns reminding one of Partridge (Patrys) feathers. Small yellow spots are typical of this timber ca…

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Ironwood (ysterhout) picture

This beautiful timber with its marble like finish, gives amazing stability with its weight and strength. Ideal for risers of both hunting and target bows.

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