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Terms and conditions

EBC Bows is situated in Centurion, a city in Gauteng South Africa.

We strive for excelence and quality in the products we manufacture and distribute as well as the service we deliver.

Every EBC bow is handcrafted by the bowyer Egbie Compion himself and is guaranteed free from defects.

We take pride in every bow that we make. This is why we offer the 1-year warranty with every bow purchased.

If the bow should get damaged within the first year, we will gladly repair it or exchange the bow free of charge. Shipping costs are still your responsibility.

Please note that your warranty does not apply to any damage or wear and tear during normal use to your bow’s finish, leather coverings, of the arrow shelf, strike plate, leather handle wraps and bow strings.

 The following will result in the warranty of your bow invalid.

•    You are no longer the owner/no longer in possession of the bow.
•    Damage caused by Dry-firing thebow (Shooting the bow without an arrow).
•    Storing the bow incorrectly (Excessive heat and moist conditions will course      damage to the bow).
•    Failing to maintain the bowstring.
•    Using unsuitable bowstring materials  for bow
•    Firing an arrow to light for your custom bow. A min weight of 9 grains per           pound of the bow is recommended. 
•    Leaving your bow "strung" for extended periods of times.
•   A bow stringer is supplied free of charge- Unstringing your bow other              than the way intended..
•    Modifying/altering the bow in any way.
•    Over-drawing the bow.

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